Carlsberg Foundation

The Yggdrasil project was created thanks to generous funding of Carlsberg Foundation Research Infrastructure Grant CF22-0680 “A Danish Reference Genome Sequencing Infrastructure”. This award to Prof Tom Gilbert supports the salary of the key staff members involved in the sequencing and assembly of the genomes.

Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics

The Yggdrasil project is hosted at the Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics, The Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen. The Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics was funded through Danish National Research Foundation Award DNRF143 to Prof Tom Gilbert.

novo nordisk foundation

Funding in support of the PacBio Facility at the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, is provided through NovoNordisk Foundation Award number NNF20OC0061528 entitled “Copenhagen DNA Analysis center (CoDoN)” to Prof Søren J Sørensen.

University of Copenhagen

The Yggdrasil project is hosted by the Center for Evolutionary Hologenomics at the Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen.